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about amani abdul

As a child of international parents, Amani Abdul was indoctrinated into the culture of Detroit and influenced by the challenges of an inner city lifestyle at a very young age. Coming from a stringent, mixed background, Amani has very diverse views on life.


She has a huge passion for people, poetry, sports and real, genuine conversation. A natural writer, Amani has always utilized the art of writing to express her thoughts.


Amani has enjoyed professional success as an entrepreneur and business manager and has worked on creative projects such as the book, Y.B.I. (Young Boys Incorporated) The Autobiography of Butch Jones, the production of the movie Forbidden Fruit which was filmed in Detroit, and Black Cinema Café, where she and her partners premiered independent black films to urban audiences prior to their release and distribution.


Embracing her talents as a writer and love of all creative things and people, Amani has composed well over 300 poems and aspires to further leverage her writing abilities into music lyrics, screenplays, spiritual books, sports commentary, and novels.


Be sure to order her new book, CHASING PEACE, and check out Amani's other poetry books and her poetry CD, MUSE, available now on Amazon, iTunes, cdbaby and other online music sites.


MUSE is a spoken word CD composed of various deep and edgy poetic lyrics that set the sensual tone through Amani's subtle delivery; along with eclectic, earthly warm, soulful, melodic beats that intensify the intimate and passionate setting guaranteed to ignite your soul. Amani's deliciously sexy, yet sophisticated, classy lyrics will captivate and inspire your spirit and take you on a journey to revisit the Muses of your life.

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